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  • Morbean

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    Morbean is a Hampshire based Marketing and Design Agency delivering Brand Communications across all marketing channels.

    Working with Morbean's in-house designer I built and delivered an engaging and interactive website. The entire project was heavily design lead, leveraging the jQuery JavaScript framework to provide interactivity and animation. The website provides a good showcase of Morbean's work as well as providing a vital contact point for bringing in new business.

    The site is built using the Symfony PHP framework, providing a bespoke and easy to use CMS.

  • Trend Life

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    Trend Life is a network of blogs dedicated to Product-Lovers, featuring the latest launches, the hot trends and the most sought-after products.

    Developed using the Symfony PHP framework, the Trend Life site runs on a bespoke built CMS. The CMS provides the ability to create new blogs, posts, and static pages. It supports easy content authoring through the use of WYSIWYG editing and allows full control of SEO through page meta data options. The frontend of the site makes liberal use of PNG masks and CSS to allow custom page colouring without generating and serving multiple images, allowing for better client caching and faster page load times.

  • Scot McKee

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    B2B marketing legend and founder of the agency Birddog, Scot McKee now has his own book, 'Creative B2B Branding (no, really)'. The book combines experience, insight, anecdote, observation, and example to demonstrate how businesses can dramatically improve their creative communication and the value of their brands.

    Scot needed a simple content-managed website to promote the publication which had to be delivered to a tight deadline to co-incide with the book launch. I created a custom WordPress theme, linking in an external blog feed and Twitter account, allowing quick and easy content management.

  • Technicolor

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    Technicolor (formerly Thomson) provide hardware solutions on a global scale for all forms of entertainment and home networking. As a result of the rebrand from Technicolor to Thomson they required a new, fun, and engaging website.

    I was contracted by Bluhalo to help them, working as part of a team of 4 programmers, build and deliver the new Technicolor website. Built using the Symfony PHP framework the site offers a fully bespoke and highly customisable CMS. The site features 1000s of pages and is delivered in multiple languages, all of which are administered through the CMS.

  • Nickleby

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    Nickleby are more than just maintenance management experts. They are real people who believe that facilities management is about people working together safely, effectively and efficiently to achieve sustainable improvements.

    Working with Birddog to aid Nickleby promote their business and interact with their customers I developed a beskpoke content-managed website using the Symfony PHP framework. The site content and structure are fully customisable; with inline WYSIWYG editing and full asset management, including online image editing, maintaining and updating the site has never been quicker or easier.

  • Checkout Spy

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    Checkout Spy is a great place to find the cheapest deals on 1000's of products and bag yourself a bargain. Browse by category, search for specific products, read the latest features and reviews.

    To meet the demands of this high traffic site I created it using the Symfony PHP framework. It pulls in products from several external feed APIs and provides full feed management as well as CMS facilities for managing the features and reviews section, advert management. The site also provides full logging of user actions and browsing habbits, allowing the client to produce effective marketing and advertising. Design by FHOKE.

  • Hardhat Backup

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    Hardhat Backup is an online remote backup and recovery service offered by Centric IT. Using proven technology with over 500,000 worldwide installations, Hardhat is the final word in online backup.

    Working closely with the guys at Centric IT I developed a bespoke CMS powered website to promote and sell their Hardhat Backup service. The CMS, built using the Symfony PHP framework, features full inline WYSIWYG editing, page template selection, image/file upload and more. The simple and intuitive administration interface allows easy maintainance and updating of the site.

  • Microsites

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    As well as producing engaging, content-rich websites, I have also worked on many 'microsites'.

    These websites feature between 1 and 4 pages and generally have little or no CMS. The majority are for data capture and event promotion. Often they are delivered to tight deadlines and have a short lead time.

    I have also worked on HTML email templates and signatures.